About Us

The Sleazoids are a blistering garage punk 3-piece band from Sheffield, and are a bit like if The Cramps and The Fall merged to be fronted by a dark-haired northern Nico. The band features Missy Tassles on trash guitar and vocals, Paul Dorrington on hi-tension bass and vocals with Mitch Genner beating primitive rhythms. We love playing loud music, drinking beer, and having a good time. We try to keep all our songs as short and fast as possible. If you want to see what we look like, click here to see photos of us in action!

Surf / Punk / Grunge / Garage b*stards…Imagine the Cramps turning up to your beach holiday in Skegvegas, stealing your ice-cream and flashing yer Nan.Rough Shag Promotions


Our debut album ‘INSANE ESCAPADES’, released by Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation is available NOW from our Bandcamp page or at gigs! We have other merch available like tshirts, badges and stickers also!
The band’s stage performances are an electrifying mix of rock solid musicianship and joyously shambolic punk attitude. A machine gun delivery of 2-minute garage punk songs are fired out in quick succession leaving audiences shell-shocked and aching for more.

Check out our gigs page for upcoming events and other pages for other cool stuff and how to contact us! You can ‘like’ us on Facebook also to stay up to date with our shenanigans!


Some things we love:

The Cramps


The Ramones

The Count Five

Curse of the Crimson Altar

Lightnin Hopkins

The Jackets

Bikini Kill



The Cheating Hearts

Smashing Time

Vintage Hofner Guitars

Profundo Rosso

The See No Evils

Billy Childish

Memphis Minnie

Vintage Vox Guitars

Son House