Here’s the link for our official video playlist – with 9 music videos to date!

PROMOTIONAL VIDEO for THE SLEAZOIDS, titled “The Sleazoids – A Promotional Film”

LIVE video of DAY OF THE LOCUST at Cafe Totem, Sheffield in 2019

Video for Crazy – a Sleazoids original track from our debut LP ‘Insane Escapades’!

Video for Black Widow – the opening track from our debut LP ‘Insane Escapades’, filmed at the Red Lion and Delicious Clam in Sheffield!

See us in cartoon form in this animated video for Primitive – a cover track from our LP ‘Insane Escapades’!

Video for Scared – a track from our debut LP ‘Insane Escapades’!

David Lynch-inspired video for Day of the Locust – a track from our LP ‘Insane Escapades’!

Here’s an ongoing collection of our favourite photos of The Sleazoids! [Photo credits on individual images] – scroll down for more videos!

Behind the scenes recording japes: